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Last Updated on August 18, 2011

Watch this space for an in-depth look at the economic impact of Texas A&M’s potential move to the SEC.

I generally post every weekday, but because of the magnitude of this study (and because I still have a full-time job completely unrelated to my sports works) I’ve had to focus on the research this week. I want to deliver to you the best and most complete numbers I can obtain. I think you’ll appreciate the result.

I hope to have the post up later today or tomorrow, but I’m still waiting on some data.

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  • Kristi,

    Thanks for the post; I’m glad someone is looking into the specious figures in Perryman’s report. I do think your conjecture about Louisville leaving for the Longhorn conference is way off base though. CBS reports the Big East walked away from a $1.4 billion offer over ten years for the conference’s television rights. Based on the conference’s current distribution scheme between football and basketball only members, that would mean it already turned down an offer of $12mm per school before open bidding has even taken place. Assuming Louisville was offered a distribution similar to what you report A&M received (approx. $9mm), then Louisville would be nuts to even consider an offer. I think it is far more likely you see Big 12 schools defect to the Big East than vice versa (Missouri, KU and KSU). In sum, BYU and Houston – yes; Louisville – no way.