New Links – July 12

Last Updated on July 12, 2012

The latest in college sports business news from around the web:

Razorbacks planning for new athletic facilities

Big things are happening at the University of Arkansas. Plans for major upgrades in several of their athletic facilities are now underway. Want to find out what’s being improved and how much it’s all going to cost? Check this out!

Men’s College Basketball Programs Facing Attendance Declines

In the past few years, attendance at college basketball games around the country is down. Even though conferences such as the Pac-12 have been the hardest hit, this trend has grave implications for all college basketball programs around the country. Are there any ways to bring the fans back into the stadium to enjoy the game-day experience?

Maryland officially cuts seven sports; men’s outdoor track and field spared, for now

Remember this report? Well the June 30 deadline has now passed, and Maryland has had to cut 7 of its D1 sports to deal with its multi-million dollar deficit. Read this to find out what will happen to the 131 student-athletes affected, and the school as a whole, as a result of these cuts.

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