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The latest in college sports business news from around the web:

A look at the athletic department budget at Kansas and Kansas State

Both Kansas’s and Kansas State’s athletic department budgets have grown substantially in the past five years. Through conference-generated income and an increase in donations, both schools have been able to grow their athletic department despite the economic downturn. Read this to find out more about the two school’s financial situations and the future implications of this growth on their athletic departments.

NCAA lawyers seek to dismiss lawsuit by former UNC football player McAdoo

In 2010, Michael McAdoo was one of seven players to miss the entire season while serving a disciplinary suspension at UNC. He initially sued to restore his eligibility and for monetary damages, but lost his case. Now the case is being brought before the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Read here to find out why the NCAA is looking to dismiss the appeal and how McAdoo’s career has panned out since then.

Huskies’ first game in renovated Husky Stadium moved up a week

Apparently the University of Washington is happy with its construction schedule, as it has moved up its opening game at Husky Stadium by one week from Sept. 7, 2013 to Aug, 31, 2013. Their final year at CenturyLink Field is slated to start on September 1st vs. San Diego. Want to find out more about Washington’s upcoming schedules over the next few years? If you answered Yes, you’ll want to read this.

Alabama, Auburn football programs cash cow for state, with estimated $500 million annual economic impact

Alabama and Auburn fans may not agree on much – but what they can agree on is that each team brings a windfall to their respective school. With their college football teams playing well, applications are up and stadium renovations have been ongoing. However, what is the economic impact of this prosperity on the state of Alabama? Read this to find out the answer.

Bill comes due for Missouri’s move to the SEC

So what is the price that Missouri has to pay to play with the big boys in the SEC? It’s clearly a hefty price, as Missouri operated with a $64 million budget in 10-11, whereas nine SEC schools spent over $80 million in the same fiscal year on their athletic department budgets. As the newest member of the SEC, where is MU going to get the money to be on par with these other schools? Read here to find out Missouri’s financial plan and to whom it is looking at for guidance in this transitional period.

TIF board OKs $35 million contribution to Baylor Stadium

Baylor’s new stadium will be an important contribution to both the school and Waco City. In an addition to being a more high-tech facility, community members hope that it will help beautify the city and attract more visitors. Now that Tax Increment Financing Zone No. 1 board has approved a very much, needed $35 million public contribution  to the project, what are the next steps? Read here to find out more.

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