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Stanford%20Joins%208%20Other%20Division%20I%20Programs%20In%20Reversing%20Sports%20CutStanford Joins 8 Other Division I Programs In Reversing Sports Cut
St.%20Thomas%20Becomes%20Latest%20to%20Cut%20Tennis%20ProgramsSt. Thomas Becomes Latest to Cut Tennis Programs
South%20Carolina%20and%20Georgia%20NIL%20Laws%20Bring%20State%20Law%20Total%20to%2013South Carolina and Georgia NIL Laws Bring State Law Total to 13
Fresno%20State%20Women’s%20Lacrosse%20Gets%20Partial%20Win%20in%20Court%20After%20Sport%20CutFresno State Women’s Lacrosse Gets Partial Win in Court After Sport Cut

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