Race and Intercollegiate Athletics

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

I’m joined in this episode by my friend Tim Duncan, Director of Athletics at University of New Orleans. We talked about a recent encounter he had with police where he was racially profiled and how he’s shared that experience with his kids, his student athletes, his friends and his social media followers in order to better educate everyone.

We discussed how he told his student athletes about what happened and the support and resources being provided to them. We also talked about what he expects from his staff and coaches. He shared his advice for student athletes on how to get involved in protests and what is and isn’t appropriate on social media. We also discussed educating current and recruited student athletes on social media usage in general and giving student athletes some freedom to allow them to grow while also making them aware of potential consequences.

Tim also had advice for administrators on handling conversations about race, even if you’re a white administrator. From there, we talked about what fans and the communities around universities can do to promote racial equality and improve going forward. And we ended with advice for BIPOC administrators as they seek to develop professionally and move into their next career position.

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