Can College Coaching Salaries be Contained?

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

The topic of coaching salaries, particularly for college football and men’s basketball coaches, are often pointed to as an excessive source of spending for athletic departments. With athletic departments facing unprecedented financial difficulties, it’s an expense some are looking at more closely. It has been suggested that salary caps be instituted similar to what we see for professional athletes. But is that even legal?

I asked Gabe Feldman, Director of the Tulane Sports Law Program, Co-Director of the Tulane Center for Sport, an NFL Network Legal Analyst and sports industry consultant to join the podcast to discuss what can–and can’t–be done legally to contain or reduce coaching salaries.

We broke it down in simple terms for all the non-lawyers and talked about what competition law is meant to accomplish and how it applies to college sports and coaching salaries, in particular. Gabe also shared his thoughts for courses of action that are legal and could be pursued in the future.

Gabe also provided insight, along with other antitrust law experts, in my piece for Forbes on this topic: Can Athletic Departments Cap Coaching Salaries to Save Money?

You can follow Gabe on Twitter @SportsLawGuy. Also, check out his sports law podcast Between the Lines.

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