Former UGA Football Players Getting Creative With NFTs

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Update as of 2/10/22: The NFTs sold out in 3 hours and paid out a total of $305,000 to the student athletes…$28k each!

After a brief hiatus while I got my new Game Face podcast with Linktree up and running, the Business of College Sports podcast is back! And I’ve got a great episode for you this week….

Former UGA football players Ty Frix, Keith Marshall and Aaron Murray, along with Ty’s brother Trent Frix, recently created The Players’ Lounge, a digital collaborative space for college fanbases, with the University of Georgia as its initial focus. 

In addition to using a Discord channel to connect fans, the group will launch an NFT collection called DGD Mafia on Sunday, January 9 to benefit current UGA football players.

Those who purchase the NFTs will also gain access to exclusive content and experiences, both within The Players’ Lounge and also in physical locations. Fifty percent of all profits will go to current UGA football players who will leverage their name, image and likeness to help promote the NFT launch.

I recently sat down to speak with Ty Frix and Murray about this creative new approach that leverages the platform of former UGA players to benefit current student athletes. In this podcast, you can eavesdrop on our conversation about their plans and why they felt compelled to create something that benefits current student athletes after their own experience as players.

We also discussed how this model could be duplicated for other schools and fanbases, which I think makes it an intriguing listen for all college athletic admins and fans.

You can join The Players’ Lounge community here and follow them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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