Fran Belibi on Building Her Brand and Life After Basketball

Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Known for her dunks on the court, Stanford forward Francesa “Fran” Belibi is also scoring in the NIL space. She joins the show to talk about her NIL journey, her clothing line, and how she’s already leveraging NIL for her future after basketball.

We talked with Fran about:

  • The start of her NIL journey
  • FHABS – The brand and clothing line created by Fran and her family
  • Her experience in the Meta NIL Empower program
  • Her “Thinky Thought Thursdays” series on Instagram
  • What her plans are for after basketball
  • Advice she has for other athletes entering the NIL space
  • How she evaluates each NIL opportunity and what her dealbreakers are
  • Her favorite NIL deals thus far
  • And much more!

The Players’ Platform is now available in video format as well! Listen or watch below.

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