How Leah Clapper Became an Entrepreneur Through NIL

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

This episode, we’re joined by University of Florida gymnast Leah Clapper, who has definitely made the most of NIL so far. Not only had Leah done numerous brand deals, she’s also consulted with companies on their NIL strategies, built her own boardgame and started her own NIL education company for student athletes. She’s even the TA for our host Kristi Dosh’s NIL classes at UF.

Leah is currently getting her second masters degree at Florida while competing in her final season of eligibility as a gymnast. She shares with us:

  • How creating content with athletes in other sports at gymnastics has been a win for everyone involved
  • How NIL has changed her academic and career path
  • Her entrepreneurial ambitions
  • Where she sees herself in 10 years
  • Why she wants to live overseas after graduation
  • How athletes can hone in on their passions as they create content
  • The idea for her boardgame and how she created, marketed and sold it
  • How she started NIL Island and how she plans to help other student athletes through it
  • …and so much more!

Athletes, check out these resources on Leah’s NIL Island site:

You can follow Leah on InstagramTikTok and Twitter.

You can follow The Players’ Platform podcast on Instagram: @playersplatformpod.


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