How Rayquan Smith Became the King of NIL

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

In this episode, we’re joined by Rayquan Smith, the “King of NIL.” Rayquan is a decathlete at Norfolk State and previously was a dual-sport athlete who also played football for the Spartans.

Rayquan received the Hustle Award at the 2022 NIL Awards  and closed 70 NIL deals in Year 1 of NIL. He joins us to share:

  • How he found his agent, including the questions he thinks other athletes should ask before signing with an agent
  • Advice for reaching out to companies to land NIL deals
  • How he’s helped educate potential brand partners on NIL
  • His strategy for negotiating with brands
  • How his school has supported his NIL efforts
  • What he wants out of Year 2 of NIL
  • How he became the “King of NIL”
  • …and more!

Check out his website and merchandise at, and follow Rayquan on InstagramTikTok and Twitter.

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