Student Athletes Monetizing Their Influence

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

I’m joined this episode by Stephanie Stabulis, VP and Senior Strategy Director at HireInfluence, an influencer marketing agency. We talk about the types of opportunities out there for student athletes if they can monetize their name, image and likeness and the role she thinks athletic administrators should play. Stephanie also gives advice on how student athletes can best position themselves to capitalize on these opportunities and also mistakes to avoid.

Linked below are articles I wrote for Forbes and Entrepreneur that included Stephanie and the topics discussed in this podcast:

Marketers Bullish on Monetization Opportunities for NCAA Athletes With NIL Rights (Forbes)

How Student Athletes Can Prepare to Become Entrepreneurs  (Entrepreneur)

You can follow Stephanie on Instagram: @therealstephstabulis. You can also follow HireInfluence on virtually any social media platform: @HireInfluence.

If you’re interested in the book publishing chart I mentioned in the episode, you can view it here.

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