The Growth of Group Licensing in NIL

Last Updated on January 19, 2023

This episode, I am joined again by Wesley Haynes, President and Founder of The Brandr Group. If you missed the first episode from last year, it’s available here.

The Brandr Group remains one of the leaders of the group licensing sector of NIL, with more than 70 schools signed to group rights partnerships. 

In this ever-changing NIL scene, Wesley gives updates on: 

  • The Brandr Group’s growing list of partners and licensees 
  • A breakdown of group licensing categories and trends and how these have changed over time 
  • How royalty rates are determined for jerseys and other merchandise 
  • Potential relationships between NIL collectives and group licensing 
  • Future opportunities within the group licensing sector 
  • How universities and their athletic departments unite to embrace group licensing and the benefits for both the university and the student athletes 



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