What Pro Sports COVID-19 Testing Protocols Can Teach College Athletics

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

I’m joined by Matt Fairhurst, founder and CEO of Skedulo, to discuss how his company is working with BioReference Laboratories to implement COVID-19 testing protocols in professional sports leagues like the NBA and MLS.

One of the hurdles faced by professional sports was how to efficiently test everyone – from players and coaches to officials, broadcasters and others involved with live competition. Matt’s company partnered with BioReference Laboratories to use its deskless workforce productivity software to implement testing protocols and efficiently test large numbers of people in these leagues on a regular basis.

Matt shares insights from the pros and conversations he’s been having with universities about bringing students back on campus for the fall. We talk about what college athletic administrators can learn from what we know so far and how to prepare as we move into fall sports season.

You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn and Twitter and follow Skedulo on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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