Crowdfunding Platform Champsraise Announces New Campaign

Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Champsraise, a crowdfunding and branding platform for college and pro athletes, announced their new Beta Phase campaign that will provide athletes with the resources to build their own brands and impact charitable causes without any barriers. 

The company is currently teaming up with former Florida Gator football walk-on Clifford Taylor IV. The Charlotte, North Carolina native is giving back to his own community and raising funds for accessible mental health care in support of The Facts Initiative. 

Champsraise Team

Taylor IV is one of 13 athletes who have partnered with Champsraise in hopes of raising money for the charities of their choice.

Among these athletes is AJ Greene, a former wide receiver at the University of New Hampshire who graduated in 2019. Greene has 3.7 million followers on TikTok and recently launched an ad campaign with Gatorade.

Other Champsraise members include:

  • Caedan Wallace, Dvon Ellies, Adisa Isaac and Brenton Strange of Penn State Football
  • Parker St. Pierre of Arkansas State Men’s Basketball
  • Chase Clingman of Penn State Men’s Gymnastics
  • Matt Ilodique of Lancaster Bible Men’s Basketball
  • Connor Printz of Claremont McKenna Men’s Basketball
  • Mari Wingard of Georgia Southern Football
  • Ishaan Jagiasi of Penn State Men’s Basketball
  • Michael Hughes of Appalachian State University Football

Personalized Charity Matching

Developed by Band of Coders, who have built software for Uber, the Atlanta Braves and Sirus XM, Champsraise matches athletes with organizations based on a survey completed upon registration that identifies their passions, goals, and interests. 

The world’s first charitable crowdfunding site also helps athletes develop their own narrative and personal brand. Defining an athlete’s passion for a specific cause is a vital tool in transforming a charitable crowdfunding campaign into a powerful marketing tool. 

“I am proud to launch Champsraise to help athletes tell powerful stories of their connections to charitable issues, impact causes they care about, and develop their brand to endure for a lifetime,” Champsraise CEO and founder Tyler Jordon said. “These branding achievements empower athletes to achieve long-term financial and professional success.”


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