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Tracker: College Sports Programs Cut During COVID-19 Pandemic

Below we are tracking Division I sports programs cut during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last updated February 15, 2021

# CutStudent Athletes ImpactedCoaches/Assistants/Staff ImpactedScholarships Honored?Sports Cut
Old Dominion1324YesWrestling (M)
Cincinnati1241YesSoccer (M)
Univ. of Wisconsin – Green Bay281Tennis (M), Tennis (W)
Akron3324Only for incoming signees, not for current SAsCross Country (M), Golf (M), Tennis (W)
Furman2956YesBaseball, Lacrosse (M)
Central Michigan2362YesIndoor Track & Field (M), Outdoor Track & Field (M)
East Carolina4689YesSwimming & Diving (M), Swimming & Diving (W), Tennis (M), Tennis (W)
Appalachian State340-504YesSoccer (M), Tennis (M), Indoor Track & Field (M)
Wright State 3396YesSoftball, Tennis (M), Tennis (W)
Chicago State1YesBaseball*
UConn41244YesCross Country (M), Swimming & Diving (M), Tennis (M), Rowing (W)
Hampton2Golf (M), Golf (W)***
Northern Colorado2YesTennis (M), Tennis (W)
Southern Utah2Yes Tennis (M), Tennis (W)
Winthrop2Yes Tennis (M), Tennis (W)
Iowa43YesGymnastics (M), Tennis (M), Swimming & Diving (M), Swimming & Diving (W)
Alaska – Anchorage4559YesIce Hockey (M), Skiing (M), Skiing (W), Gymnastics (W)
Boise State2YesBaseball, Swimming and Diving (W)
Dartmouth511015Golf (M), Golf (W), Lightweight Rowing (M), Swimming & Diving (M), Swimming & Diving (W)
George Washington3†Indoor Track (M), Tennis (M) and Water Polo (W)
William & Mary§71183YesGymnastics (M), Gymnastics (W), Swimming (M), Swimming (M), Indoor Track & Field (M), Outdoor Track & Field (M), Volleyball (W)
Minnesota458YesGymnastics (M), Tennis (M), Indoor Track & Field (M), Outdoor Track & Field (M)
LaSalle7130YesBaseball, Swimming and Diving (M), Tennis (M), Tennis (W), Water Polo (M), Softball, Volleyball (W)
Brown6††150††N/AFencing (M), Golf (M), Golf (W), Skiing (W), Squash (M), Squash (W), Indoor Track and Field (M), Outdoor Track and Field, Cross Country (M), Equestrian (W) and Fencing (W)
Clemson351YesCross Country (M), Indoor Track & Field (M), Outdoor Track & Field (M)
Fresno State370YesLacrosse (W), Tennis (M), Wrestling (M)
Michigan State258YesSwimming & Diving (M), Swimming & Diving (W)
San Diego State150YesRowing (W)
Stanford1124022†††YesFencing (M), Fencing (W), Field Hockey, Lightweight Rowing (W), Rowing (M), Sailing (Coed), Sailing (W), Squash (W), Synchronized Swimming, Volleyball (M), Wrestling
Bowling Green State University‡‡1343YesBaseball
University of Alabama in Huntsville‡‡‡32YesIce Hockey (M), Tennis (M&W)

*Chicago State replaced Baseball with Soccer (M)


***Hampton is fundraising to try and save the golf programs (GoFundMe)

†George Washington dropped 7 total, but only 3 NCAA sports

††Brown initially cut 11 sports but reinstated men’s indoor track and field, men’s outdoor track and field, men’s cross country, women’s equestrian and women’s fencing. Brown also transitioned club coed sailing and club women’s sailing to varsity status. The athletic department budget is not being reduced and the cuts were said to be unrelated to the pandemic.

†††Stanford also indicated 20 staff positions would be eliminated along wtih the 22 coaches in the 11 sports

‡Brown reinstated all five sports it cut on January 29, 2021

‡‡BGSU reinstated baseball

‡‡‡UAH hockey was saved by private fundraising for the 2020-21 season

§William & Mary reinstated all sports previously cut

Division I Totals by Sport

Baseball – 4

Cross Country (M) – 3

Fencing (M) – 2

Fencing (W) – 1

Field Hockey (W) – 1

Golf (M) – 3

Golf (W) – 2

Gymnastics (M) – 2

Gymnastics (W) – 1

Ice Hockey (M) – 1

Indoor Track & Field (M) – 5

Lacrosse (M) – 1

Lacrosse (W) – 1

Lightweight Rowing (W) – 1

Outdoor Track & Field (M) – 3

Rowing (W) – 2

Rowing (M) – 1

Sailing (CoEd) – 1

Sailing (W) – 1

Skiing (M) – 1

Skiing (W) – 2

Squash (M) – 1

Squash (W) – 2

Soccer (M) – 2

Softball – 2

Swimming & Diving (M) – 5

Swimming & Diving (W) – 3

Synchronized Swimming (W) – 1

Tennis (W) – 9

Tennis (M) – 13

Volleyball (M) – 1

Volleyball (W) – 1

Water Polo (M) -1

Water Polo (W) – 1

Wrestling (M) – 3

Note on FIU: We have not included FIU yet. There has been a report that FIU is dropping men’s indoor track & field, but FIU has not yet announced the cut.

Special thanks to Austin Pert who assisted with the gathering of this data.

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