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Tracker: Name, Image and Likeness Legislation by State

We are tracking name, image and likeness legislation state-by-state.

Last updated: March 27, 2021

StateOfficial Bill NameStatusEffective Date
AlabamaHB 82In Committee1/1/2023
ArizonaHB 2143In Committee12/31/2022
CaliforniaSB 206Passed1/1/2023
ColoradoSB 20-123Passed1/1/2023
ConnecticutSB 306In Committee7/1/2023
Federal LawHR 1804Introduced to HouseTaxable year beginning after bill is passed
Federal LawS 4004Introduced to Senate7/30/2021
Federal LawS 414IntroducedN/A
FloridaSB 646Passed7/1/2021
GeorgiaHB 743In Committee1/1/2023
Hawai’iSB 2673In CommitteeUpon approval
IllinoisHB 3904Adjourned Indefinitely1/1/2023
IowaSF 245In Committee7/1/2021
KansasHB 2264Passed House1/1/2022
KentuckyHB 633Introduced to House7/1/2023
LouisianaSB 239In Committee1/1/2023
MarylandHB 125In Committee7/1/2021
MassachusettsS 2454In Committee1/1/2022
MichiganHB 5217Passed12/31/2022
MinnesotaHB 3329Introduced1/1/2023
MississippiSB2313Passed House and Senate; waiting on Governor’s signature7/1/2021
MissouriHB 1564In Committee7/1/2021
NebraskaLB 926Passed7/1/2023
NevadaN/ANo bill proposed, but politicians say they are considering and drafting a billN/A
New HampshireHB 1505In Committee60 days after passage
New JerseyS 971Passed5th academic year after passage
New MexicoSB 94In CommitteeN/A
New YorkSB S6722BIn Committee1/1/2023
North CarolinaSB 759Introduced to Senate1/1/2023
OhioN/ANo bill proposed, but politicians say they are considering and drafting a billN/A
OklahomaHB 3347 In Committee9/1/2023
OregonSB 1501Passed Senate, awaiting House Vote1/1/2023
PennslyvaniaHB 1909Introduced7/1/2020
Rhode IslandHB 7806Introduced to House1/1/2021
South CarolinaSB 935In Committee1/1/2021
TennesseeSB 1636In Committee7/1/2023
VermontS.328In Committee1/1/2023
VirginiaSB 464In Committee7/1/2024
WashingtonHB 1084In Committee1/1/2023
West VirginiaHB 4921Introduced to HouseN/A
WisconsinN/ANo bill proposed, but politicians say they are considering and drafting a billN/A

Research support by: Jarrett Varsik and Madison Hiegel

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name image and likeness resources