Around the Web – May 26

Last Updated on September 4, 2021

I have returned from Ireland! However, since I just returned last evening and am still working my way through the mound of work on my desk at my day job, today’s post is going to be an Around the Web post.

If you read nothing else today, read this. Tony Barnhart over at CBS Sports hit the nail on the head with this piece. Do you want to know what college football will look like in a few years? I think Tony’s hypothetical is a real possibility. In fact, it’s exactly what I think will happen.

Other interesting stories:

  • The band geeks finally get their due recognition in a recent study by the University of Mississippi. A whopping 97% of respondents said the band was “extremely” or “somewhat” important to the game day experience. As someone who tailgates right in front of the UF band’s practice area, I cannot imagine game day without them. Other categories covered in the survey included favorite pre-game experience, how far in advance of a game fans arrive and much more!
  • USC “vehemently” disagrees with NCAA’s denial of its appeal. I think USC is the only one shocked by the decision. Perhaps if the NCAA enforced its regulations in this manner a little more often we wouldn’t see as many violations.
  • Speaking of programs who need to get some control over their players, Heather Dinnich of ESPN’s ACC blog has a great piece on Butch Davis and UNC.

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