Betting on College Sports is Becoming More and More Popular 

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

With more and more states legalizing betting, the opportunities to bet on college sports has also increased in recent years. For many, betting on college sports has become a way of adding some extra excitement and drama to an already exciting game and the options for those looking to bet are increasing.  

Even if most sports fans might primarily be interested in placing bets for professional sports, such as MLB picks and predictions, many dedicated fans of college sports also enjoy placing wagers on the games that they watch.If you’re just getting started, here are some things you should know about the world of college sports betting as a whole.

College sports are going through massive changes and betting is a part of that 

There are many changes circulating in the world of college sports, and regardless of what one thinks of the betting industry as a whole, betting is more than likely here to stay. With name, image and likeness changes finally being implemented, it’s likely that we’re moving towards an even more commercialized world of college sports.

The most common sports to bet on when it comes to college athletics is unsurprisingly football and basketball. The intensity of the betting also ramps up during big games and big tournaments, such as for example the College Football Playoff or March Madness.

This year, we also saw a massive spike in interest for the women’s March Madness tournament, something that in turn led to more bets than usual being placed on the tournament. Even if betting wasn’t the main reason for people choosing to tune into the games, it certainly helped with drawing interest from the general public

Betting on college sports works in more or less the same way as professional sports

Even if there are several massive differences between how college sports and professional sports work, betting on sports works in more or less the same way regardless of the sport in question. All one needs to do to get started with betting on college sports is to open an account with a sportsbook, deposit money, and get going.

However, for those new to betting as a whole it’s important to take the time to understand how everything works in regard to odds and the like. Going slowly and understanding the ins and outs of odds and similar things is the best way to ensure one has a good experience.

Betting on college sports is not permitted in all states

Although more states have started to legalize betting, not all states that allow betting on professional sports also allow betting on college sports. Therefore betting on things like college football is not available to all.

If you’re curious about what rules and regulations are in place in the state you live in, check out this state-by-state breakdown of legalized sports betting from CBS.


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