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Last Updated on June 13, 2012

The latest in college sports business news from around the web:

Maryland AD Kevin Anderson explains why ACC TV windfall won’t be enough to spare sports due for elimination

In light of the ACC’s new contract with ESPN, the University of Maryland is looking to cut 8 of its 27 varsity sports in the upcoming year. Even with the added $4 million in TV revenues, the economic times currently do not allow for these teams to stay afloat. But is there anything these teams can do to continue playing at UMD?


Perhaps Stony Brook’s College World Series run will make college football’s honchos wake up

Could you ever imagine underdog teams like Stony Brook’s Men’s Baseball or Butler’s Men’s Basketball ever winning in the current set-up of College Football? It will continue to be virtually impossible unless NCAA Football adopts a new playoff schedule that could potentially involve the 11 conference champions plus one at-large team. Will College Football ever be conducive to having the underdog at least be in the running to win it all?


Richt’s new deal leaves door open

Mark Richt finally has a new contract at Georgia, a member of the SEC. In the past, SEC teams have proven that they are willing to give coaches a hefty price tag to “resign” or leave when they believe a certain coach isn’t the long-term answer. Does Richt’s new contract therefore have a high buyout-price, or is it more set in reality?


Florida State spending big money on football recruiting

The amount spent on football recruiting at FSU is up nearly 86% from the amount spent on recruiting under former Coach Bobby Bowden. Yet, is this increased spending just frivolous or does it come with the new realities of recruiting in the current day?

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