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NCAA Tables Stipend for Student Athletes

Last Updated on December 16, 2011

The NCAA announced yesterday that over 125 schools have called for an override of the legislation that would give schools the ability to provide a $2,000 stipend to student-athletes, which is enough to suspend the legislation until the NCAA convention in January.

The NCAA’s press release on the matter says the main reasons schools cited were: “how quickly it was implemented, perceived impact on competitive equity, application of the allowance for student-athletes in equivalency sports, and implications for Title IX.”

In January, the Board can proceed in one of three ways. First, it can choose to do nothing, which would keep the suspension in place until an override vote. Second, it can choose to eliminate the rule. Or, third, it can alter the proposal, which would create new legislation that would require a vote and would be subject once again to a 60-day override period.

Nearly 10,000 prospective student-athletes signed National Letters of Intent during November’s early signing period. Any allowances offered in writing to those prospective student-athletes will be honored. However, prospective student-athletes signing during signing periods in February and April cannot be offered the additional monies unless action is taken at the January meeting that allows the legislation, or similar legislation, to go forward.

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