Conference Realignment Timeline

Last Updated on July 1, 2014

When I was writing my business of college football book, Saturday Millionaires, it was practically a full-time job keeping up with conference realignment from 2010-2013. Lucky for me, all got quiet about the same time I published the book, so you’ll find Chapter 4 is still a completely accurate tale of not only this round of realignment but previous rounds as well.

Feeling nostalgic for the good ole days when you never knew what conferences might look like in a week or a month or a year? Here’s a detailed timeline of how it all played out….

A big thank you to my intern extraordinaire, Lauren Nevidomsky, who helped me put this together!

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  • superdestroyer
    July 7, 2014

    The next realignment will start when schools begin to drop their sports programs. If Alabama and Ohio State start paying their players and allowing them to market themselves, i suspect that many schools in the MAC, Sunbelt, Conference USA will give up on college athletics instead of trying to compete