Creating Halls of Fame for Collegiate Programs

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

In this episode, I’m joined by John Roberson, CEO and “Chief Cheerleader” of experience creation firm Advent. We’re talking about the growing trend of creating or reimagining Halls of Fame on college campuses. From the space needed to the timeline to the ways in which Halls of Fame are becoming more interactive, we covered Halls of Fame from every angle. If you work at an institution considering a Hall of Fame, or any space meant to encourage fan engagement, this is the episode for you!

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In the episode we talked about a few specific Halls of Fame. Here’s my Forbes article I mentioned about Stanford’s Home of Champions.

Below are links to Advent’s case studies on the projects we mentioned:

Stanford Home of Champions

Stanford Interactive Table Only

University of Texas Athletics Hall of Fame

Arkansas Hall of Honor

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Here’s the TED talk “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek I recommended during the Biz Tip of the Week.

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