FanZone Partners with Icon Collective and G-Men Nation, Opens to Other Athletes

Last Updated on August 15, 2023

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FanZone is a social media app for college and pro athletes to monetize exclusive behind-the-scenes content through monthly subscriptions from fans, and for fans to better support and connect with their favorite athletes.

Professional athletes such as William Blumberg (professional tennis player, former 10x All-American at UNC) and Alisha Lehmann (English FA WSL club Aston Villa and the Switzerland national team) have already used FanZone to connect with and monetize their audiences.

FanZone also provides a white-labeled tech infrastructure built for collectives to run a subscription and donation fundraising business instantly, while better engaging with their supporters (fans & alumni) through content.

Currently, FanZone is partnered with the Icon Collective to bring NIL opportunities to HBCU student athletes as well as G-Men Nation, a collective that supports the successful growth and sustainment of the HBCU football program experience. 

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FanZone’s mission is to provide athletes, teams & collectives with a one-stop-shop solution to monetize their brand while allowing them to engage and connect with their supporters on a much deeper level.  Through 1,000 paid subscribers for $2.99 a month, an athlete could generate nearly $3,000 in monthly recurring revenue and $35,880 in yearly revenue. Athletes and collectives decide their monthly subscription price (what supporters pay them) in their account settings and can adjust the price each month. 

The app has a host of engagement features beyond the monthly subscription.  These include the following:  

  • Sell Custom Experiences: Virtual storefront for athletes or collectives to sell experiences and services of their own design. Examples include:
  • Personalized Video message
  • IG sponsored post
  • Sell apparel/ signed items
  • In-person appearance to an event, etc. 
  • Video Chats: Fans can schedule 5-20 minute video chats with athletes. Athletes set times they are available & their price for every 5 minutes of conversation.
  • Live Broadcasts: Schedule live broadcasts for supporters to join. Create a topic, and then set a time, length, and price for fans to join. You can also add a co-host to the broadcast, and fans can type questions in a live chat.
  • Paid Messaging: Fans pay to direct-message an athlete.
  • Discussion threads: Athletes create discussion topics, and fans engage in the thread. 

90% to 95% of all the revenue on the platform goes directly to the athletes. FanZone only takes a 5% to 10% platform fee. 

Please check out the following links for more information and contact Weston Brach at the email below for partnerships:

FanZone Contact:


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