Dockers Adds 10 Universities to Game Day Line

Last Updated on September 16, 2014

Last fall, Dockers launched its Game Day Khakis, which feature an internal stamp of the school slogan and an embroidered school logo on the exterior. It was Dockers first foray into the world of collegiate athletics merchandise, and no doubt an attempt to capitalize on the $4.6 billion collegiate-licensed apparel market.

Dockers’ vice president and chief marketing officer Adrienne Lofton Shaw told me during the launch last fall that although the company’s initial Game Day line only featured 10 universities, there were plans to expand.

“Know that very quickly — within the next couple of months — we’re going to be expanding beyond these 10 schools,” Shaw said in August. “Our goal will be not only to grow 10 schools every season, but also we’re looking at how do we create a custom program where [fans] can go to and be able to get any school they want.”

Well, Dockers has made good on the first part of its promise, announcing 10 more universities today.

Original offerings in the Game Day Khakis line were Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, LSU, Aggies Dockers, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon State, Texas A&M and Washington State.

The new universities being offered include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisville, Oklahoma, Syracuse, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

In addition, Dockers has added shorts as a third fit in the line, accompanying the classic and alpha fits.

Dockers now has 14 of the Top 25 universities for licensing sales, as ranked by Collegiate Licensing Company, who handles licensing for nearly 200 colleges, universities, bowl games, athletic conferences, the Heisman Trophy and the NCAA.

CLC’s Top 25 for the last quarter were (emphasis added for universities licensed by Dockers):

(1.) The University of Texas at Austin

(2.) The University of Alabama

(3.) University of Notre Dame

(4.) The University of Michigan

(5.) University of Georgia

(6.) University of Florida

(7.) Louisiana State University

(8.) Texas A&M University

(9.) University of Nebraska

(10.) University of Kentucky

(11.) The University of Oklahoma

(12.) University of Arkansas

(13.) University of Tennessee

(14.) University of North Carolina

(15.) University of Wisconsin

(16.) University of South Carolina

(17.) West Virginia University

(18.) Auburn University

(19.) University of Missouri

(20.) Florida State University

(21.) The Pennsylvania State University

(22.) University of Louisville

(23.) The University of Kansas

(24.) Clemson University

(25.) Oklahoma State University

It’s easy to see why Dockers is moving into the college space. Sales of collegiate-licensed merchandise are second only to MLB, which is pegged at $5.0 billion a year. The NFL and NBA follow, at $3.25 billion and $3.0 billion, respectively. Licensed merchandise sales only accounts for $1.3 billion a year in the NHL and $1 billion in NASCAR.

What university would you like Dockers to expand to include?

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  • pjeagle
    February 26, 2014

    Obviously, I’d like Dockers to include BC. I would be curious to see where Boston College ranks on the CLC list since it’s not in the Top 25.

  • pjeagle
    February 26, 2014

    I’d also note that except for ND, every school on the Top 25 list is a big state university. No private schools such as BC, Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest etc.

  • Stephanie
    August 18, 2015

    Pennington & Bailes is the original game day pant. They offer all over embroidered pants and shorts as well as single logo pants and short. They are family owned and operated and provide exceptional products and customer service. Check them out, too!