All Utah Scholarship Football Players Receive A New Truck In NIL Deal

Last Updated on December 13, 2023

For The Win 360°, a video platform created specifically for NIL collectives, is making a splash with the launch of its streaming app with the Utah Crimson Collective. Every scholarship player on Utah’s football team is receiving a 2024 Ram 1500 Big Horn truck with the Night Edition package. The lease and insurance costs are being fully funded by donors of the Crimson Collective, although the athletes will need to each cover the taxes on their lease.

In order to qualify, athletes must have a good driving record and be willing to promote awareness of the collective. The initial lease term will be six months an renewed as long as each athlete is on scholarship and eligible.

The three biggest needs of every student are education, housing and transportation. No one has addressed this transportation need comprehensively before today. We’re here to enable change by celebrating the Crimson Collective, the athletes, and everyone who loves their school,” said Derek Mattsson, CEO at FTW360. “Today’s action of addressing student transportation needs cannot be overstated. #KeysFortheWin is just one example of how FTW360 is working with the Crimson Collective to create new opportunities to benefit every student-athlete.”

Nearly 100 trucks are being delivered to athletes today. The trucks are leased and managed by United Fleet Management, who has a direct arrangement with the collective.

In terms of what the athletes will be doing to support the new app, For The Win 360°- Utah, the football athletes will work with the collective to develop new content. The app will feature news, player interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, athletic department personalities with unique stories, results, scores and more.

Mattsson says the app is launching with original content spotlighting football, but there are plans to add men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and other team sports.

“The Crimson Collective app is designed to empower student-athletes to open doors to promotional and financial opportunities through partnership with the Crimson Collective,” said Mattsson. “Moreover, it introduces an innovative avenue for donors and sponsors to support universities and collectives, ensuring amplified visibility for brands backing these athletes.”

Mattsson says the success of the campaign will be measured by engagement with fans.

The For The Win 360°- Utah app will be available later in October.

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