The Players’ Lounge Announces Launch of LSU Player Card Collection

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

LSU football fans looking for another way to show their fandom while supporting the student-athletes on the field will now have an opportunity to do both in the recently announced LSU Player Card Collection from The Players’ Lounge.

Released earlier today, the LSU Player Card collection will be the first officially licensed team-wide player card collection in college football and will sell in packs of three digital cards for $29 each. The collection benefits the whole roster, too, with proceeds split evenly among student-athletes.

In addition to the first release of 4,000 packs, cards in future packs – 6,000 packs in total – will be updated with the events of the season to celebrate major on-field achievements. One of the interactive elements of the cards is badges for each student-athlete, which evolve as the player hits specific statistical milestones.

Card types are split between common, rare and legendary, giving LSU faithful a diverse array of collectibles to add to their collections. Those who assemble whole sets can be rewarded with VIP experiences and memorabilia, among other prizes.


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