The Future of Multimedia Rights

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

Big announcement this week: Kristi has a new co-host, Jeff Schemmel! Jeff is the President and CEO of College Sports Solutions, a consultancy focused on helping athletic departments maximize their efficiency, leverage their resources and increase revenue.

Kristi and Jeff are joined this week by Cole Gahagan, CEO of Learfield—a leading media and technology services company in intercollegiate athletics. 

They discuss: 

  • Recent changes at Learfield and how they help Learfield be better positioned for the future 
  • The current state of the college sports multimedia rights landscape 
  • The Learfield Allied NIL program 
  • Conference realignment 
  • With Colorado as a Learfield partner, what “The Prime Effect” has been like this season 

Listen to the Podcast

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Visit to learn more about the many services they offer within intercollegiate athletics. 

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